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  1. New eBay's policy on external links
  2. How to use the provided HTML code?
  3. How do I rotate/delete/change order of some images within a gallery?
  4. Can I recover a deleted/expired gallery?
  5. How do I move a gallery to another folder?
  6. How long are my images/galleries kept?
  7. How to extend expiration of galleries?
  8. Premium account vs. free account
  9. How to purchase a premium account?
  10. Why are my images blurry or small?
  11. How can I contact you?

New eBay's policy on external links

  • The new external links policy states that no external links are allowed in eBay listings (there are some exceptions but a 3rd party site like ours isn't one of them).
  • For our galleries this means that "free" galleries will be marked as incompatible with the new policy, because free galleries display a thumbnail which needs to be clicked to see the full image (and this is an external link).
  • The only way to stay compliant is to use the "all images large" gallery template - this template displays large images directly in the body of a listing and doesn't need to use any (external) links. The bad news is that this template is available only in the premium (paid) version of our service (the free version was ad-sponsored - without external links we're unable to display any ads)
  • If you want to convert an existing gallery to a compatible one - set its Template to "all images large" and click the "Save" button.
    You may also want to consider clearing the Watermark field (also recently banned on eBay) and the Width field (this will make the images adapt to the size of the screen - important on mobile devices).
    Then you can grab the new HTML code and paste it in your listing.

How to use the provided HTML code?

  1. Copy our HTML code (it appears in the top-left corner of the screen when you select some gallery).
  2. Go to eBay and create your listing. In the description field you need to switch to the HTML editor:
  3. Now paste our HTML code into listing description.
  4. You may now switch back to the standard editor. In this mode you should see your photo gallery.

How do I rotate or delete some image within a gallery?

First, click the 'Eye' icon to enter your gallery. Then click 'Switch to edit mode' button.

In this mode you can select the images you want to manipulate and perform the desired actions.

The order of images can be changed by dragging them and then dropping in desired locations.

Note that rotating is immediate, but the other actions require you to click the "Save" button. Only then are the changes actually preserved.

Can I recover a deleted/expired gallery?

Yes, when a gallery is deleted (and also when it expires) it is basically moved to the Trash folder where it's kept for about one month. During that time it's inaccessible to viewers.

All you have to do to recover/undelete such a gallery is to move it from the Trash folder to any other folder. You can also select it and click the "Undelete" button. In that case it's moved to the "My Galleries" folder.

When you however delete a gallery which already is in the Trash folder it'll be removed permanently.

How do I move a gallery to another folder?

Use drag & drop: drag a gallery with your mouse (press left mouse button over the image), move it over onto the destination folder (keeping the button pressed all the time) and drop it (release mouse button).

How long are my images/galleries kept?

Unused galleries expire after 4 months. If your gallery is being visited from time to time (for example you use it in some auction), it will never expire and will never be deleted.

Even if galleries are not visited and are about to expire they can still be extended at any time. It just requires your manual intervention which boils down to selecting the galleries you want to extend and clicking a button. When you do that the corresponding expiration period is reset.

How to extend expiration of galleries?

On the picture below the first arrow shows how many galleries are about to expire. If you click the number shown by the arrow, the expiring galleries will be shown in the main window. You can then decide if you want to extend some (or all) of them.

To extend some of them just select the galleries you want to extend and click "extend expiration".

If you want to extend all expiring galleries, click "invert selection" which will select all galleries, and then click "extend expiration".

Premium account vs. free account

The differences between a premium account and a free one are:
  • With a premium account you're allowed to embed large photos directly in the body of your listing/auction. With free accounts the body of your listing contains only thumbnails which you need to click to enlarge. The enlarged version opens in a new page (called "gallery page").
  • Free accounts may have some ads in gallery pages. We won't display any intrusive ads (annoying pop-ups etc), but still there are ads there. In premium accounts gallery pages aren't used (no need to enlarge), but if you insist on using them, they won't contain any ads.
  • We need to mention that since about 2018 our free accounts are no longer compatible with eBay due to their policy change which banned links to external pages in your listings (that included external images too). So in order to use JPEGbay on eBay you have to purchase a premium account and use our premium html codes which are still compatible with eBay. read more

The prices for a premium account are:

  • $9 for 3 months (equivalent to $3 per month)
  • $19 for 12 months (equivalent to $1.6 per month)
As a bonus a premium account purchased in is also valid for our sister site which lets you cross-promote your eBay items. This way you pay only once, and you have premium accounts in two different websites.

How to purchase a premium account?

You can have a premium account for 1 month for free and we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity.

This way you'll be able to check if the premium features suit your needs without paying for anything. To activate the free trial period, all you need to do, is to press a button.

In order to get a premium account (either for free or not) follow these steps:

  • log in to
  • click the "Settings" link in the top-right corner of the screen
  • select the "Payments" tab
  • here you can either activate the free 1 month trial period by clicking the "Activate trial" button or choose for how long to purchase a premium account and pay for it.

Why are my images blurry or small?

This happens when you embed large images in your listing body without having a premium account. It'll never happen if you use HTML codes provided by

If it already happened to you, you can either re-edit your auction description, remove the references to large images and paste a HTML code copied from OR you can activate the trial period so that your images won't be blurry for one month (until the trial period expires).

How do I contact

If there is a problem with your payment please contact
  • If your question is related to some auction or gallery, please send us its IDs and/or address so that we have something specific to check.
  • Also tell us what email you use to log in to (it may be different from the email you write from).
The preferred way to contact us is to write email to

You can also write us via eBay - our username is JPEGbay.

If you want you can check out our little forum and post a message there.

If we don't reply (and we're supposed to), that's most likely because our response was rejected by your e-mail provider and was marked as spam. You may try to log into your email account (perhaps its webmail interface) and check your SPAM folder - hopefully our e-mail will be there.